April 10, 2019

singapore society at a crossroads

People and Society at A Crossroads—Part 3

Our previous articles have highlighted the massive changes to our society over the past 60 years. Within a single generation, community-based traditionalism is suddenly uprooted by postmodern liberalism that celebrates individualism. Gone are the days where civility and self-sacrifice were exemplified and respected. Instead, consumerism is in vogue and society is preoccupied with instant gratifications

Affordable- Staycaytion- Hotels-Singapore

8 Affordable Staycaytion Hotels in Singapore

For busy go-getters, staycations can let you take a much-needed break without spending too much time away from work.  And for those seeking an adventure or unique experience beyond just accomodation, these hotels offer just the thing. Here are eight affordable hotels with great staycay options that won’t break the bank! Studio M Studio M

Hattan Hotel Splash Pool

6 Best Malacca Hotels to Stay At for a Memorable Holiday

By Malacca has always been my favourite short getaway from Singapore for its delicious food, historical landmarks and the bustling Jonker Street. However, a trip to Malacca won’t be perfect without a clean, cosy and conveniently located hotel. If you care about your hotel experience as much as I do, and are trying to find

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