February 28, 2019

kawaii bento

Little Miss Bento—Shirley Wong

Shirley Wong, aka Little Miss Bento, is an award-winning bento artist in Singapore who became an online sensation after posting her adorable Japanese bento lunchbox creations on her blog, Facebook and Instagram. The creative lady, who was an art major when she was in school, considers herself an artist rather than a chef.“The cooking method



Sitting on a deep blue lake and surrounded by a mountainous panorama, Lucerne is a gorgeous city and a gateway to Central Switzerland. Dating back to the 8th century, there is a strong atmosphere of culture and tradition in this picturesque city. Frescoed walls line the streets, interspersed with cultural sites and historical curiosities. The

Taking Responsibility for Our Mistakes

Dizi Gui (弟子规) :Taking Responsibility for Our Mistakes

Dizi Gui (Standards for Being a Good Student and Child) is an ancient Chinese text for children that teaches moral values and etiquette. It was written during the Qing Dynasty during the reign of Emperor Kangxi (康熙帝) (1661-1722) by Li Yuxiu. Beneath the conservative, “old-school” verbose of this ancient classic, one can still find gems

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