January 2, 2019

The Eight Immortals. Fourth from the left is Cao Guojiu, who is often depicted wearing imperial robes and carrying a jade plaque. On the far left is Lü Dongbin (吕洞宾), who guided Cao to immortality.

The Eight Immortals: Cao Guojiu’s (曹国舅) Journey to Immortality

The Eight Immortals are a group of legendary Taoist deities in Chinese mythology, and the last to join the pantheon was Cao Guojiu. Traditionally regarded as the Chinese deity of acting and theatre, Cao began his life as a mortal in the royal family. He was the younger brother of Empress Cao, the wife of

Great Achievements Begin With Small Steps

Great Achievements Begin With Small Steps

By Vibrant Dot Staff There is an ancient Chinese saying, “Continuously dripping water eventually penetrates a large stone.” In other words, we shouldn’t dismiss actions or efforts that appear small and insignificant, because they can have great effects over time. Great deeds are achieved by many small but continuous efforts. Likewise, grand plans can be

Is Life all About Working

Is Life All About Working?

Two years ago, at her final press conference here on 23 September 2013, Aung San Suu Kyi mentioned that Burma could look to Singapore as a model. “A lot of Burmese look to Singapore when they think of economic reforms in our country because they see the success of Singapore, and many of our young people

Ancient But Timeless Tales on Marriage

When I first met my husband – a Canadian – eight years ago, we had never been in a relationship before (nor were we looking for one). But serendipity brought him 13,000 kilometres across the Pacific Ocean to a small tropical island that he had never set foot on before, and fate landed us in

The Benefits of Generosity: Jealousy Harms Oneself and Others Too

China’s 5,000-year-old history is enriched with thousands of stories, many illustrative of the values and virtues inherent to authentic traditional Chinese culture. One of these virtues is kindness and generosity, which the ancient Chinese regarded as most important. Jealousy, in contrast, was considered a reprehensible trait. Jealousy not only harms others but also harms oneself,

Stories of Unexpected Tolerance and Kindness

The Gentleman’s Demeanour : Stories of Unexpected Tolerance and Kindness

As an ancient Chinese saying goes, “Gentlemen of ancient times were strict and critical of themselves,but tolerant and forgiving toward others.” The practice of tolerance and forgiveness requires one to be benevolent, wise, and mature at the same time. Chinese history is peppered with great examples of ancient figures who demonstrated incredible tolerance and forgiveness, despite suffering devastating losses at the hands of others.

Get Your Calm On

Get Your Calm On

Breath in. Breath out. Is it that simple to get rid of stress? It’s amazing how much your average worker repeats the “Monday Blues” mantra, while taking every chance they can get to splurge on therapies of the retail, food or travel kind. And small wonder. In 2012, a poll taken by the Health Promotion

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