January 1, 2019

Survey: Are Singaporeans Working Too Hard?

By Vibrant Dot Staff The Epoch Times interviewed 31 office workers around Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) to find answers to this question: “Are Singaporeans working too hard?” 80 percent of the 31 respondents work more than eight hours a day, while half of them work more than 10 hours a day. 73 percent of

The 6 Types of Colleagues You Loathe Working With

I’m not an expert, but if there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s this – the weekday blues involve myriad things: heavy traffic, early mornings, and difficult co-workers. I don’t have a solution to frustrating road congestion or becoming an early riser, but I do have a couple of pointers on working with

Work-Life Balance in the Singapore Workplace

Work-Life Balance in the Singapore Workplace

A workplace with work-life harmony is beneficial not only for employees but also for employers. According to reports by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the implementation of work-life balance measures at companies helps employees sustain their peak performance and increases the productivity of the companies. A study by the Singapore National Employers Federation in

Stories From Ancient China : Loving Mothers-In-Law Like Their Own

Stories From Ancient China : Loving Mothers-In-Law Like Their Own

One of the core Asian values, filial piety has shaped Chinese culture for thousands of years. It is the bonding force of the family unit, and it in turn strengthens the social fabric of society. Since ancient times, filial piety has been considered amongst the most important values in Chinese culture. Children lacking in filial

Fancy a Fika? What Singapore Can Learn from Other Countries

Fatigue, migraine, and depression are words commonly used by many frazzled working adults in Singapore. Are the majority of Singaporeans really achieving adequate work-life balance? To set the record straight, let’s start by seeing what we can learn from other countries. United Kingdom According to regulations given by the Ministry of Manpower, Singaporean workers are

A Quiet but Momentous Change in China

In late April this year, Xi Jinping, the incumbent leader of China, issued three decrees in rapid succession. These three decrees, taken together, quietly indicate the start of a momentous change in China. The First Decree for Chinese Petitioners The first decree, issued on 21st April, exhorted Chinese officials to amicably settle the grievances of

Are Singaporeans Working Too Hard

Are Singaporeans Working Too Hard?

Asian countries have long been known for putting in long hours at work as compared to their Western counterparts like the United States and Europe. Hence, it is not surprising to hear reports of people in Singapore working long hours each day, be it in the office or remotely. This is supported by surveys and

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