15 Affordable Sushi Places in Singapore

Credit : ensushisg @ Instagram
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Sushi is a celebrated cuisine worldwide, but authentic Japanese sushi is not easy to find outside of Japan.

Luckily, in Singapore, you don’t need to travel far to find authentic Japanese sushi. There are sushi establishments scattered across the island, and each is distinguished by their food presentation, restaurant decor, where their sashimi comes from, and of course the incredible flavour. And the best sashimi, be it tuna or salmon, must come from Japan!

Here is our list of 15 affordable sushi places in Singapore, based on customer reviews, food authenticity, and most importantly taste! Make sure you can handle this mouth-watering information. If you can’t resist even thinking about it, I don’t blame you. Just go visit these places and enjoy their classic sushi, hot ramen, and tempura.

1.      Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru Singapore

Credit : qiuuing @ Instagram

This Kaiten Sushi establishment is located in the basement of Liang Court. It’s not easy to find, but its seclusion means that one can enjoy authentic Japanese sushi and ramen without the crowds. Customers say that their menu prices are reasonable for the quality, if not cheaper.

Sushi Highlights:

  • Goosefish liver sushi, S$5.80
  • Whole seabream sashimi, S$18
  • Long salmon sushi, S$4
  • Long maguro sushi, S$5
  • Cutlass fish sushi, S$5.80 for 2 pcs, S$13.80 for 5 pcs

Ryoshi serves a variety of sushi meat ranging from shrimp to bluefin tuna. They also serve ramen and dashi broths made from their fine catches.

Address: 177 River Valley Rd, Basement 1 Liang Court, Singapore 179030

Website: www.facebook.com/ikeikemaru.sg

Dining Hours: 11AM – 10PM


2. The Sushi Bar (Ngee Ann City)

Credit : thesushibar_sg @ Instagram
Credit : thesushibar_sg @ Instagram

The Sushi Bar in Ngee Ann City has been dubbed as a “Michelin star standard restaurant but with affordable prices”. You may have to queue at peak hours due to the high demand, but I promise it will be worth it!

Sushi Highlights:

  • Salmon aburi roll, S$16.90
  • Ebi fry salmon aburi, S$17.90
  • Aburi kaisen chirashi don, S$26.90

A sashimi lover’s delight, the Sushi Bar’s fresh sashimi is both a gastronomical and visual feast in its beautiful presentation. In addition, they also serve appetizers, hot soups and donburis.

Address: 391B Orchard Rd, #05-34/35 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238874

Website: thesushibar.com.sg

Dining Hours: 11:30AM – 9:45PM

3.      Shukuu Japanese Izakaya and Sake Bar

Credit : shukuuizakaya @ Instagram
Credit : samoosg @ Instagram

What makes Shukuu Japanese Izakaya and Sake Bar unique is its river-side view as well as its extensive sake collection. Shukuu offers authentic Japanese sushi, sashimi, and delicious donburi, as well as 60 different varieties of Japanese sake for the consummate izakaya experience.

Reviewers have lauded this izakaya for its very polite and accommodating staff. The restaurant is also notable for its delicious beef and salmon don.

Sushi Highlights:

  • Aburi salmon mentai sushi, S$7++ for 2 pcs
  • Maguro yukke, S$13++ (yellowfin tuna sashimi with raw quail egg, sesame and layu dressing)

Address: 8 Stanley St, Singapore 068727

Website: https://www.shukuu.sg/landing

Dining Hours:

Weekdays 11:30AM–2PM, 5:30–11PM

Saturday 6–10:30PM

Closed on Sunday

4. En Sushi

Credit : ensushisg @ Instagram
Credit : spadely @ Instagram

En Sushi lives up to its reviews of quality yet affordable food, and its newly revamped interior is now more spacious than before. The restaurant features an extensive menu that includes sushi, sashimi, donburi, maki, hand-rolls and yaki (grill).

Sushi Highlights:

  • Salmon aburi mentai maki (torched salmon and fish roe rice roll) S$16.90
  • Bara chirashi (mixed sashimi) don S$16.80
  • Salmon mekajiki (salmon and swordfish sashimi) don S$10.80
  • Hotate mentai aburi (torched scallops with fish roe) S$13.90
  • In addition to fresh sashimi, sushi, and other Japanese delights, En Sushi also serves some of the best steaks in Singapore.

Address: 112 Middle Rd, #01-00B Midland House, Singapore 18897

Website: ensushisg.com

Dining Hours:

Weekdays 11:30AM–3PM, 6–10PM

Saturday & Sunday 11:30AM–3PM, 5:30–10PM

5. Sushi Mitsuya

Credit : sushimitsuya @ Instagram
Credit : sushi.teh @ Instagram
Credit : sushimitsuya @ Instagram

Experience no buyer’s remorse at Sushi Mitsuya, an authentic sushi bar where chefs prepare sushi in front of you omakase-style. In omakase, the chef creates the meal experience for you, and Mitsuya offers three to four price tiers on their lunch and dinner menus to choose from.

Mitsuya’s head chef, Ryosuke Harada, has two decades of sushi-making experience, and his delicious creations have won him an ardent following of regular diners.

Sushi Highlights:

  • Omakase dinner menu at S$130, S$200, and S$300 price tiers
  • Omakase lunch menu at S$60, S$80, and S$180 price tiers

Book a reservation by phone or on their website, and try out their authentic, bespoke sushi experience – “Harada-style”!

Address: 60 Tras St, #01-01, Singapore 078999

Website: www.sushimitsuya.com

Dining Hours: 12–2PM, 6–9:30PM, Closed on Sunday

6. Sushi Express Take-Out

Credit : SushiExpressSingapore @ Facebook
Credit : eattraveljoy @ Instagram

One of the biggest kaiten or “conveyor-belt” sushi brands in Asia, the Sushi Express Group is well-known for its fresh and affordable sushi and sashimi. At only 50 cents per sushi, their Sushi Takeout outlets – located at Woodlands MRT and Grantral Mall in Clementi – are an incredible deal.

Sushi Highlights:

  • Assorted sushi: S$0.50 per piece
  • Salmon duo bento (10 pcs) S$4
  • Salmon sashimi don S$6

Address: 30 Woodlands Ave 2, #01-30, Singapore 738343

Website: www.sushiexpress.com.sg

Dining Hours: 10AM–11PM

7. Umi Sushi at PoMo Mall

Credit : nkikichua @ Instagram

If you want a quick sushi break, Umi Sushi at PoMo Mall is the way to go. This cozy sushi outlet offers a wide selection of sushi already packaged in a box at cheap prices.

Sushi Highlights:

  • All Salmon sushi mini platter (12 pcs) S$12.50
  • Premium sushi and maki mini platter (8 pcs) S$9.90
  • Makimono sushi platter (10 pcs) S$6.70
  • Umi Delight A party platter (54 pcs) S$42.90

Address: 1 Selegie Rd #01-10 PoMo Mall, Singapore 188306

Website: www.umisushi.com.sg

Dining Hours: 10AM–9PM

8. Itacho Sushi

Credit : nchenggg @ Instagram
Credit : followmyfoodprint @ Instagram

Itacho Sushi integrates modern technology into their sushi dining experience. Not only can you place dine-in and take-out orders via their app, the app also has a membership and discount scheme that rewards loyal customers. For good quality food, their prices are very affordable.

Sushi Highlights:

  • Roasted salmon with spicy cod fish caviar mayo sushi S$2.80
  • Roasted salmon cod fish sushi set S$12.60
  • Roasted salmon skin soya sauce sushi S$0.80

Address: #B3-20, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801

Website: www.facebook.com/Itacho-Sushi-158303486802

Dining Hours:

Sunday-Thursday 11AM–10PM

Friday & Saturday  11AM–11PM

9. Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Café

Credit : asfixiado @ Instagram
Credit : kosyeats @ Instagram

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Café markets itself as an authentic Japanese restaurant, and the restaurant certainly doesn’t disappoint. They serve affordable Japanese food with fresh sushi, sashimi and high-grade Japanese rice. Their Tofu Cheesecake is also amongst the best in Singapore.

Sushi Highlights:

  • Salmon sushi moriawase  S$23.80
  • Deluxe sushi moriawase  S$32.80.
  • Aburi saba oshi (marinated mackeral) sushi   S$9.40 for 3pcs, S$17.80 for 6pcs

The minimalist wooden decor and clean lines bring one straight back to Japan. Enjoy some great sushi and sashimi in the restaurant’s Zen ambience.

Address: 501 Orchard Road, #03-15 Wheelock Place, 03-15/16/17, Singapore 238880

Website: www.sunwithmoon.com.sg

Dining Hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 11AM–2:45PM, 3–5:15PM, 5:30–9:30PM

Friday & Saturday: 11AM–2:45PM, 3–5:15PM, 5:30–10PM

10.District Sushi

Credit : teerexeats @ Instagram
Credit : district.sushi @ Instagram

District Sushi is a cosy hangout place for reasonably priced Japanese delights. Not only is it popular for its variety of fresh sushi and sashimi, the restaurant’s bara chirashi don (S$13) is renowned for being one of the most value-for-money chirashi dons available.

Sushi Highlights:

  • Mentaiyaki tamago sushi S$6
  • 5-kind Sushi (unagi, prawn, swordfish, tuna and salmon) S$12

Due to high demand, the price of their bara chirashi don was increased from S$10 to S$13 in 2018. But that hasn’t deterred customers from coming back, as the price is still reasonable for its freshness and quality.

Address: 91 Bencoolen Street #01-15, Sunshine Plaza, Singapore, Singapore 189652

Website: www.facebook.com/districtsushi

Dining Hours: 11:30AM–2PM, 5:30–8:30PM, Closed on Sunday


Credit : megourmet.d @ Instagram

A Japanese sushi and teppanyaki restaurant, Tatsu earns loyal customers with its combination of grilled foods and fresh sushi at affordable prices. Reviewers also compliment the staff and the chef for their friendly and professional service.

Sushi Highlights:

  • Sushi and tara teriyaki set  S$30
  • Sashimi and sushi set  S$38

Tatsu offers a sushi bonanza with teppanyaki and tempura thrown into the mix! A diverse range of flavours for the perfect Japanese dining experience.

Address: 30 Victoria St, #01-08 Chijmes, Singapore 187996

Website: www.tatsu.com.sg

Dining Hours: 12–2:30PM, 6–10:30PM

12.Hokkaido Sushi

Credit : hokkaidosushi_sg @ Instagram
Credit : hokkaidosushi_sg @ Instagram

Hokkaido Sushi offers a wide variety of Japanese cuisine including sushi, sashimi, maki rolls and fries. Many have commended the plentiful options you can have at this restaurant. Fresh sushi, as expected. Because of good food, expect more people will come dine in with you. The crowd is least of everyone’s concerns when tasting the food.

Sushi Highlights:

  • Aburi otoro (torched fatty tuna belly) sushi  S$24 for 2 pcs
  • Negi toro (minced fatty tuna) don set  S$30
  • Otoro (fatty tuna) don set  S$65
  • Mini chirashi  S$12
  • Sushi & udon/soba set  S$25

Address: 81 Anson Rd, level 9 m Hotel Singapore, Singapore 079908

Website: hokkaidosushi.com.sg

Dining Hours:

Weekdays 11:30AM–2PM, 6–10PM

Saturday & Sunday 12–3PM, 6–10PM

13. Nakajima Suisan

Credit : cforcassan @ Instagram

Nakaijima Suisan is best known for its fresh fish grills and sushi at excellent prices. But be warned though, the queues at this restaurant can be pretty long during peak hours.

Sushi Highlights:

  • Mero saikyo (seabass) set S$16.50
  • Gindara (grilled cod) teriyaki set S$12.50

Address: 391A Orchard Rd, #B2-01-01 Takashimaya Food Hall, Singapore 238873

Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Nakajima-Suisan-Grilled-Fish/193230334046252

Dining Hours: 11AM–9PM

14.Sushi Kou

Credit : sushikousg @ Instagram

Sushi Kou is another dining place that offers very affordable omakase meals on its dinner menu.  At lunch, you can join the crowd in getting a value-for-money lunch set, with prices starting at S$16.

Sushi Highlights:

  • Omakase dinner menu at S$50, S$80, and S$100 price tiers
  • Tokusen bara chirashi don zen (lunch set)  S$24

Address: 1 Tras Link, Singapore 078867

Website: www.facebook.com/sushikousg

Dining Hours: 11:30AM–3PM, 6–10:30PM

15.Southpaw Bar & Sushi

Credit : looi2982 @ Instagram

Saving the best for the last, Southpaw Bar & Sushi doesn’t just serve sushi, but an omakase menu paired with a unique selection of Western and Asian whisky. While it markets itself as a Cali-styled sushi bar, the restaurant doesn’t compromise on Japanese authenticity. Instead, what that means is you get to enjoy fresh sushi and juicy Canadian rock oysters in the same course!

Sushi Highlights:

  • Special Chirashi ($38)
  • Omakase meal sets at S$68+, S$98+,  and S$138+

For luxurious Japanese dining, the prices are pretty affordable. With only 12 seats at this cosy sushi bar, get ready for an intimate, one-of-a-kind dining experience!

Address: 11 Cavan Rd, #01-04 Cavan Suites, Singapore 209848

Dining Hours:

Weekdays 12–2PM, 6–11PM
Saturday 12–2PM, 6–11PM

Closed on Sunday





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